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Invoice Payment Reminders
Invoice Payment Reminders

Set up payment reminders for issued and sent invoices.

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Go to Settings and locate Payment reminders under the "Financial and invoicing" section:


This is a place where you can, but are not required to, create templates for invoice payment reminders.

Create a new Invoice Payment Reminder template

To create a new template, click on the + New template button and give it a name:


It will then appear on the list of templates that you can edit at any time as well as delete and mark as default:


Managing Invoice Payment Reminder templates

Click on Edit template and add a new Invoice Payment Reminder:


For each reminder, you can set:

  • When the reminder will be sent:

    • x days before invoice's due date

    • x days after invoice's due date

  • The email from which the reminder will be sent

  • Subject for your email reminder

  • Email content

πŸ’‘ Use variables in your email body to include data automatically:

A template can have multiple reminders. For example, you can create a template with 3 reminders that will be sent:

  • 7 days before the due date

  • 0 days before the due date (effectively sent on the invoice's due date)

  • 10 days after the due date

Adding Invoice Payment Reminders to Invoices

When sending an invoice to a client, click on the following option to apply an invoice payment reminder to it:


A template selected as the default one will be automatically applied, but you can change the template used by clicking on it.

Under the Reminders tab on an invoice, you will see the list of all reminders for that invoice:

Reminders on invoices can be duplicated and edited, and of course, deleted:

To add a new reminder, which is not a part of the template, simply add a new one from scratch:


Invoice Payment Reminder Statuses

There are three statuses a payment reminder can have:

  • Scheduled - a payment reminder has a due date and has not yet been sent

  • Sent - a payment reminder has been sent to the client

  • Stopped - a payment reminder is stopped and will not be sent. Possible reasons for a payment reminder to have this status are:

    • it was added in the past

    • invoicing amount is 0

    • invoice has been marked as 'Unsent'

How Payments and Unsending an Invoice Affect Invoice Payment Reminders

When a payment in full is logged against an invoice, all reminders will be stopped on that invoice:


πŸ’‘ If a payment is deleted, reminders will remain Stopped

The same logic is applied if an invoice is marked as "Unsent" - all reminders are stopped.

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