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Recording Payments

Record, edit, and manage invoice payments in Productive, including full and partial payments, write-offs, and updating invoice statuses.

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Recording payments in Productive allows you to keep track of all transactions against your invoices, whether they are full or partial payments.

How to Record a Payment

Select an Invoice:

  • Choose an invoice from the list and click on the "Payments" tab.

Full or Partial Payments:

  • If the invoice is paid in full, simply record the total amount.

  • For partial payments, click on "Record Payment" and enter the amount paid. Productive will automatically calculate the remaining balance.

Add Multiple Payments:

  • To add additional payments, click on + Payment and select "Payment". Continue this process for as many payments as needed.

Write Off the Remaining Debt

In cases where you need to write off an amount due to client issues:

  1. Open the + Payment dropdown.

  2. Select "Writeoff".

  3. Enter the amount to be written off.

  4. Once all payments are recorded and any write-offs are completed, the invoice status will update from "Unpaid" or "Partially paid" to "Paid".

Edit and Delete a Payment

To make changes to a recorded payment or a write-off:

  1. Click on the payment/write-off you want to edit or delete.

  2. Select the appropriate option to either edit the payment details or delete the payment record.

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