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Invoices in Multiple Currencies

Learn how to set up two currencies on your invoices.

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Certain countries' legislation dictates the use of two currencies on all financial documents. If you come from one such country or want to display two currencies for another reason, Productive has you covered.

All the amounts on your invoices can be displayed in two currencies, such as GBP and EUR.

Default Currency

First, set up your organization's default currency.

Navigate to Settings > General > Currency and select the default currency.

This default currency will always be displayed on your documents. Note that your exchange rate provider must be set up. If it is not, please contact us directly via in-app chat.

Document Currency

When creating a document (e.g., an invoice), its currency is drawn from the related object, such as the budget.

If the budget currency is the same as the default currency, only that one currency will be displayed on the document.

However, if the invoice or budget currency is different from the default currency, both will be displayed on the invoice.

For example, if GBP is the invoice currency and EUR is the default currency, both will appear on the document.
The exchange rate will also be displayed on the document to ensure clarity and transparency.

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