Company list is usually a list of your clients. Each company can have multiple sales deals and contacts which you add here too.

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Where do I add companies?

To add a new Company, go to Contacts > Companies first. 

The list of existing companies in your account will already be here, with filters at the top that you can use to narrow down the search results.

Adding a new company

To add a new company click the purple "+ Company" button at the top right. 

Add the company name and include a company avatar if you want to. The avatar will be displayed wherever this company is featured in your Productive account (scheduling, projects, tables, etc.)

You can also add their tax ID and default payment terms.

Once you create the company it's going to take you to that company's page which is completely blank by default.

You can add default contact details by clicking on the menu here:

A company page also has multiple tabs:

  • Projects - list of all projects with this client

  • Deals - all sales deals with this client

  • Invoices - all invoices created for this client

  • People - all contacts in that client's company

  • Time entries - all time entries recorded on this client's projects

  • Price lists - default list of prices for this client in particular, when you work on projects with this client, Productive will use these price-lists 

  • Notes - free-form text notes you can write on this company page 

Billing info

If you want to send Invoices via Productive, you will need to add your clients' billing info. 

If you want to change the billing info for any reason, you can change it in the Organization info section.

Because a company can have multiple addresses, you can choose which one is the billing address:

Any additional information about the company you can add by clicking on the Add field button:

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