Your contacts are all the people you collaborate with. You can have your employees, clients, and contractors here, or other contacts too.

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Where do I add Contacts?

To add a new Contact go to Contacts > People first:

The list of existing contacts in your account will already be here, with filters at the top that you can use to narrow down the search results. We have also created some default views like Employees or Clients, which you can use to find specific types of contacts in your account easier:

Adding a new Contact

If you want to add a new Contact click the purple "+ Person" button at the top right:

In the next step, we will ask you whether this person is going to be a User in your account or a regular Contact:

Selecting the Add a new User option will take you to the next step where you will be asked if the user is an Employee, Client, or Contractor:ย 

Opting for the Add a new Contact option in the previous step will instantly take you to the contact details screen:

Fill out the details and click Add Contact.

If you want to fill out additional information such as the phone number and more, click the Add field button and choose one of the options:

A Contact page also has multiple tabs.ย 

  • Work log - if this contact is a user or a client in your account you will see their activity here

  • Feed - activity such as comments, attachments, changes, and emails will be displayed here

  • Emails - if you're using Productive's Email inbox feature and BCC emails into Productive, they will land here if they're sent to this contact

  • Projects - all projects this person has access to

  • Cost rates - define a cost rate for this person

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