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Permission Builder: Client Permissions
Permission Builder: Client Permissions
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In project management, engaging with clients and collaborating effectively are key to success. But balancing this with the need to protect sensitive information can be tricky.

That's where custom client permissions come in. They offer a tailored solution to meet the specific needs of project managers and clients alike.

With custom client permissions, you can adjust client access levels to ensure that sensitive data stays secure while still allowing for collaboration.

Custom permission sets are available on the Ultimate subscription plan.

Creating a Custom Client Permission Set

To build your custom client permission set, go to the Permission builder in Settings (Settings > Permission sets).

Once there, just like when setting up permissions for employees, click "+ New Permission Set" and choose "Client" as your base permission set.

From there, you can fine-tune permissions to a detailed level. For instance, you can prevent clients from altering tasks or accessing docs unless explicitly allowed.

After saving, you'll see the client seat labeled with a "Free seat" badge. Also, note that there are fewer permissions available compared to a paid seat, which is meant for users needing more features.

Saving and Testing the Permission Set

Once you've adjusted permissions for your client user, save the permission set by clicking "Save changes".

To preview what the user will see in the app, select "Try it out" in the upper-right corner. Note that this option appears only after you've saved the permission set.

Assigning the Client Permission Set

Finally, assign this newly created permission set to your client user. Go to their user profile (CRM > Contacts), click the three-dot menu in the upper right, choose "Edit Permissions", and assign the new permission set.

Tip: If the client profile hasn't been set up yet, don't worry. Go to CRM > Contacts, select + Person, create the user profile, and invite them to Productive.

Choose "Client" from the dropdown menu, select the new custom permission set, and you'll be good to go!

Client Budget and Project Access

Before clients can collaborate with your teams in Productive, ensure you've enabled budget and project access for them. Inviting them to specific projects and budgets is a necessary step (each action is separate).

1) Adding the "Example" client to a project:

2) Adding the "Example" client to a budget:

3) Moreover, for budgets, there's an extra step: enabling Client access.

Open the budget sidebar and toggle on the "Client access" option for the client to see budget details.

For more information about this feature, refer to this article!

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