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User Permissions Overview

Learn about Productive's default permission sets to better understand what they enable or restrict for assigned users.

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In Productive, assigning permission sets to team members empowers them to manage projects, tasks, time, and financials—or restricts these abilities as needed. Explore detailed guidance on adjusting user permissions here.

In addition to default system permission sets described in this article, you have the ability to customize and create custom permission sets tailored to your team's needs. Find out more about customizing permission sets here.

Here's a breakdown of the default user permissions in Productive across three key categories:

  • Administration and Management

  • Sales and Financials

  • Time and Resourcing

These categories provide a structured approach to managing team access and responsibilities within Productive, ensuring efficient collaboration and project execution.

Administration and Management

Sales and Financials 

Time and Resourcing

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