Inviting Clients to Productive

Invite clients to Productive for free and collaborate with them on tasks. Clients have very limited, filtered access to your account.

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When working on a project, you often need to collaborate with your clients. On one hand, you need to ask clients some questions, ask for their feedback, assign them tasks that need to be done on their end, etc.

On the other hand, clients always want to know how the project is going, what you're working on at the moment, when you're going to be done, how much work is still left, etc.

To make this collaboration process as simple and straightforward as possible, you can invite your clients to Productive.

How much does this cost?

This is completely free of charge.

We charge only for your employees and contractors, not for your clients. Feel free to invite as many clients into Productive as you need, it will not affect your subscription cost.

How to invite clients to Productive?

Hover over your profile and select Invite people.

Next, choose Client.

Then, choose the client company and type in one or multiple client emails to invite them to join your Productive account.ย 

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