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Inviting Clients to Productive

Invite clients to Productive for free and collaborate with them on tasks. Clients have very limited, filtered access to your account.

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Collaborating with clients is a crucial part of project management. You often need to ask clients questions, request their feedback, and assign them tasks that need to be done on their end.

Meanwhile, clients often want to know how the project is progressing, what you are currently working on, your expected completion time, and the remaining tasks.

You can invite your clients to Productive to make this collaboration process as simple and straightforward as possible.

Cost of Inviting Clients

Free of Charge: Inviting clients to Productive is completely free. You only pay for your employees and contractors, not for your clients. Feel free to invite as many clients as needed without affecting your subscription cost.

Steps to Invite Clients to Productive

1)Access the Invite People Option

  • Hover over your avatar in the upper-right corner of the screen.

  • Select "Invite people."

2) Choose Client

  • In the Invite People menu, choose "Client."

3) Select the Client Company and Send Invitations

  • Choose the client company from the list.

  • Type in one or multiple client emails to invite them to join your Productive account.

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