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What Can a Client See after Joining Productive?
What Can a Client See after Joining Productive?

Client can see only limited information on the project they are a part of. Your data is safe. Clients see things on a need-to-know basis.

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Once you send out invites to your clients to join Productive, this is what it looks like on their end.

A client gets a welcome e-mail with a link to join Productive.

Clicking on Access your account transfers them to Productive where they set up their basic profile: first name, last name, and password.

Once they set up their account this is what they see:

1. Dashboard

This client still hasn't been assigned to any project so his dashboard is empty. There are no projects, no tasks and no project activity showing up. Search doesn't show any results.

Once you've added the client to a project, they will see all the data about that project. However, they will not see any data for other projects. You can read this article to find out how to add clients to projects.

2. Tasks

This is where this client's task are going to be. There are still no tasks assigned so the list is empty. Nothing can be found in the filters either. Once you've added them to a project, they will see all tasks on their project.

However, clients can never access Worked time.

Clients with access to budgets and timesheets can see the Initial estimate, Time to complete, Estimate at completion, or Variance at completion.

Clients without access to budgets and timesheets cannot see Worked time, or the data listed above.

3. Projects

This client is still not assigned to any projects so there's nothing to see there also. Once you add a client to a project, it will show up there.

4. Settings

A client can only see their own account settings, notifications, security, pick a theme and access data required to set up an API connection:

You may also choose to give additional permissions to a certain client. You can read here how to do so. Once a client has been given these permissions, they will be able to see basic information about budgets and time-tracking. Of course, this only applies to projects they've been assigned to. You can read more about their permissions here.

πŸ’‘ In the Standard pricing plan, Clients can only see projects, regardless of their permission level. In the Premium pricing plan, Clients with access to budgets can also see budgets and time entries.

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