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Moving a Budget to a Different Project
Moving a Budget to a Different Project

Learn how to move your budget to a different project.

Updated over a week ago

If you want to move a budget to a different project, follow these steps:

#1 Navigate to the Budget

Go to the Financials > Budgets tab, where you can access your recently viewed budgets as well as all other budgets. Select the budget you want to move.

#2 Access the Sidebar

Open the budget sidebar at the top of the budget screen and open the General budget info tab (marked by the home icon 🏠).

#3 Select Move to Another Project

Scroll down to the Project section and choose the "Assign to another project" option.

#4 Choose the Destination Project

Select the project to which you want to move the budget.

#5 Save the Changes

Don’t forget to select the Save button to confirm the move.

This process helps you easily reallocate budgets to the appropriate projects as needed.

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