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Standalone Budgets: No Project Required
Standalone Budgets: No Project Required

Create and manage budgets without projects.

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If you have a budget or job for a client or internal purpose that doesn't require a project (i.e. working on tasks), you can easily create it in Productive.

Later, if you find the need for a project associated with that budget, you can assign it to one.

Tip: This approach is especially handy for monitoring work breaks or handling client tasks that don't require a dedicated project.

Consider projects as comprehensive systems which can house multiple budgets and their associated services. While projects primarily focus on tasks and milestones, budgets center around services and resource allocation.

Therefore, you have the flexibility to organize your work as granularly or high level as necessary.

To create a budget without a project:

  1. Follow the usual steps for creating a new budget, but leave the project field empty. You'll still need to enter the client name.

  2. In the client company's profile (CRM > Companies), under the budgets tab, the budget will appear without a project associated with it.


Note that when creating an internal budget, your organization's name will automatically populate the "Client" field. However, you'll still have the flexibility to create an internal budget that isn't linked to any specific projects.

Can a budget without a project be assigned to one?

Yes, it can! To link a standalone budget to a project, just open the budget sidebar and choose the project you want to associate with it.

You'll find this option within the Project dropdown under the General budget info tab.

Can I unlink the project from an existing budget?

Yes, you can do that too!

You can unlink a project from an existing budget by following these steps:

  1. In the budget sidebar under Project, click on "Assign to another project".

  2. In the pop-up window, click on the "X" icon next to the project you want to unlink from the budget.

  3. After removing the project, select the desired project you want to associate with the budget.

  4. Finally, click "Save budget" to confirm the changes.

Note that you can save the budget without selecting any projects from the dropdown menu. This will save it as a standalone budget.

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