With Productive you can work on internal projects and see a detailed view of time spent on each one. Internal projects generate cost, but they do not generate profit (due to your employee’s salaries) the time tracked is automatically added to the overhead. One additional benefit is that you can collaborate with the team on various projects using tasks. 

Creating an internal project

Open the menu Projects and click on the “+” to add a new one. You’ll get a choice of creating a project for the client, or an internal one. Select “Internal project” and give it a name. Your project can be visible to everyone or it can be private, and you can track time against it if you want to. 

How to use internal projects

An internal project will behave like the one you’d usually do for a client. You can easily assign different teams on different projects and add tasks. 

You can also track time spent working on internal projects - the cost of working on them will directly go to the overhead. Employees can track time on internal project as they would on projects for clients. This is important to track the workload, efficiency and time spent on internal affairs, and gives you a more detailed cost report. 

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