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Purchase Orders FAQ

Answers to common questions about creating and managing purchase orders in Productive.

Updated over a week ago

#1 Can I create a purchase order for multiple budgets?

No, a purchase order is always linked to a single budget and cannot span multiple budgets.

#2 Can I create a purchase order without a budget?

No, free-form purchase orders are not supported. Each purchase order must be associated with a budget.

#3 The data and values do not add up, who can I contact?

If you encounter discrepancies in data and values, please reach out to us via the in-app chat.

#4 Can I create expenses first and then link them to a purchase order?

Yes! After selecting the vendor, currency, and services for the purchase order, any existing expenses will be listed for selection. When you press "Next," the selected expenses will appear on the purchase order.

#5 The items on my purchase order are greyed out and cannot be edited, why is that?

Items on a purchase order are greyed out and non-editable if the purchase order has been marked as sent. To edit these items, mark the purchase order as Unsent, after which you will be able to make the necessary changes.

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