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Managing Purchase Order Numbers in Productive
Managing Purchase Order Numbers in Productive

Manage and transfer Purchase Order (PO) numbers from sales deals to budgets and invoices, for smooth and accurate financial documentation.

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The Purchase Order (PO) number is a unique identifier assigned to a purchase order, confirming the buyer's intent to proceed with the purchase. Here’s how you can effectively manage PO numbers in Productive.

Adding a PO Number to a Sales Deal

When creating a sales deal for a buyer, you can insert a PO number by following these steps:

  1. Open the deal sidebar and select the General deal info tab (marked by the home icon 🏠).

  2. Scroll down to Deal details.

  3. Select Edit details.

In the edit form that opens, you have the option to change or add the PO number. This ensures that all necessary details are recorded accurately from the outset.

Transferring PO Numbers to Budgets

After a sales deal is won and a budget is created, the PO number is automatically transferred to the newly created budget. This seamless transfer helps maintain consistency and accuracy across financial documents.

Transferring PO Numbers to Invoices

When creating an invoice from the budget, the PO number is automatically transferred to the invoice creation form (invoice draft) and then to the invoice itself. This automatic transfer saves time and reduces the risk of errors.

Recurring Budgets

For recurring budgets, the PO number will not automatically transfer to future budgets.

Only the first budget will have the PO number specified. For subsequent budgets, you will need to manually update the PO number. This step ensures that each budget is accurately tracked and documented.

Recurring Invoices

Similar to recurring budgets, the PO number will only transfer to the first invoice in the recurring interval.

For example, if the recurring budget is set to monthly intervals, only the first monthly invoice will include the PO number. Subsequent invoices will require manual PO number entry to ensure accurate financial tracking and client billing.


Effectively managing PO numbers in Productive helps simplify your financial processes and ensures all necessary details are consistently recorded across sales deals, budgets, and invoices.

While automatic transfers simplify the process, remember to manually update PO numbers for recurring budgets and invoices to maintain accuracy.

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