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Everything about Resourcing, time tracking and time off in Productive

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Timesheet view on My TimeSwitch to Week view to see your time entries at a glance
Duplicate Time Entries From YesterdayCopy time entries from yesterday with a single click.
Work log in My TimeTrack time easier by seeing your work log in the My time menu
TimerTrack time directly as you work.
How to Track Time on Productive Projects in JiraLog time from Jira to Productive projects.
Request Changes On Time EntriesLearn how to ask for changes on time entries
Company TimeCompany time shows time tracked for all team members. Use this to see who is tracking less than their capacity at a glance.
How Time Entry Rounding Works When Using The TimerProductive automatically rounds time entries when you stop the timer. Learn how time entry rounding works.
Managing Time Entries: Bulk Editing and MovingEdit time entries at once by using the bulk edit option. Change billable time in bulk or move time to different services easily.
Tracking Time For OthersYou can track time for others in Productive. To track time for your team, head to the company time tab.
Automatic Time TrackingTurn on automatic time tracking so your teammates time gets logged based on scheduled hours.
Tracking Time on TasksYou can track time on tasks if you want more details in time entries. Track time on tasks by turning this on for each project first.
My TimeTracking time is easy. You can track time under my time, using desktop timer, or floating widget. Use My time to see all your time entries.
Time Tracking Tips & TricksTime tracking formats are numerous. Take a look at these time tracking tips to become a master in no time.
Desktop TimerDesktop timer can be used to activate the stop watch when working on certain projects. Desktop timers are available for Mac and Windows.
Can't Track Time Against a Budget or a Deal?There are a few reasons why you may be unable to track time against a budget. Let's see what they are!
Lock Time EntriesLearn how to prevent retroactive time tracking in Productive.
Calendar View in My TimeTrack time in Calendar view
Rounding of Billable Time EntriesRound the duration of billable time entries using simple parameters.