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Resolve Time Off Booking Conflicts
Resolve Time Off Booking Conflicts
Learn how to manage time off bookings that overlap with existing project bookings.
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When you assign someone a time off booking in Scheduling, they may already have a booking in that period.

This creates overbooking, but here is a quick and simple way to remedy this.

We have a long-term project booking in the scenario below, and we want to book time off from May 2 to May 13.

In case you add a new booking for a project or time off in that time period, the new pop-up window will appear.

If you select the option Resolve conflicts the newly created booking will not appear in Scheduling and will not be created. In this way, you are notified whenever there is an overlap with some approved time off booking and offered an easy solution to resolve the conflict. This also applies vice-versa, meaning you will be notified while approving time off if is there a conflict with the project booking.

The Admins in Settings > Scheduling can turn off this option after which overbooking is possible, meaning you will be able to add more bookings (either for projects or time off) in the same time period.

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