When you assign someone a time off booking in Scheduling, they may already have a booking in that period.

This creates overbooking, but here is a quick and simple way to remedy this.

We have a long-term project booking in the scenario below, and we want to book time off from May 2nd to May 13th.

Click on the booking to edit it, and you will notice the Resolve overbooking icon at the top.

Clicking it opens the menu, with the option to Overwrite the booking.

After overwriting the project booking, notice how it has changed:

If the assignee has more project bookings, the Resolve booking option will resolve them all.

Note that the project booking overwritten by the time off will not be compensated automatically. As an example, let's say a person was assigned to a project booking for 5 days, and we assigned a 3-day time off period in the middle of this project booking. Once we carry out the overwrite action, the assignee will have only 2 days left assigned to the project. They will have the initial 5 days minus the 3 days of time off.

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