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Capacity Indicators

Track team capacity and resource allocation with Productive's Capacity indicators.

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Assess your teammates' capacity to identify those with balanced workloads, those who might need more tasks, and those who are overloaded.

To access the capacity indicator options, navigate to Resourcing > Gear Icon โš™๏ธ > Capacity indicators.

There are several options you have control over:

  1. The "Show indicators" option activates the heatmap function.

  2. You can choose to display or hide booked hours.

  3. Adjust the heatmap size between default and compact.

The intensity of the reds and greens, representing over and under-utilization, will vary based on the number of hours booked. The more over-booked a person is, the darker the red hue becomes. Conversely, if a person is under-booked, the green will appear lighter.

Tip: You may not expect everybody to work the same hours each day! Adjust the number of expected working hours in the person's cost rate settings accordingly.

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