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Configuring Holiday Calendars for International Teams
Configuring Holiday Calendars for International Teams

Set different holiday calendars across subsidiaries or per person.

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Adding a New Holiday Calendar

If you have offices worldwide, it is useful to know which public holidays and subsequently, non-working days there are in each country. Here's how to successfully set everything up.

Step 1: Create a Subsidiary

When creating a new subsidiary, Productive will ask you to assign it to a country.

Step 2: Add a Holiday Calendar for the New Subsidiary

Then, after creating your subsidiary, go to Settings > Holidays and add a holiday calendar for that country.

A pop-up window will appear for you to enter:

  • The name of the new calendar

  • The country (selected from the drop-down menu)

  • The state (from a drop-down menu)

Tip: When adding a holiday calendar for a country with state-specific holidays, choosing the state ensures the calendar includes holidays for that region.

For example, the United States and Australia have state-specific holidays. They may not be observed nationwide.

By picking the right state, you are making sure the holiday calendar shows the holidays for your subsidiary's location. This lets the team schedule and track time more precisely.

If no state is selected, only holidays common to all states will be created.

Automatic Holiday Generation

When setting up a new holiday calendar or editing an existing one, you have the option to activate or deactivate the automatic holiday generator by clicking on the toggle button at the bottom.

Consider these three scenarios when deciding how to proceed:

Option 1 (On): The holidays will be automatically added to your holiday calendar. If you remove any holidays from the list, they will be re-added during the next holiday auto-generate cycle.

This option is useful for users who prefer a hands-off approach to managing holiday calendars and want them to be automatically updated based on the country's calendar.

Option 2 (Off): Turning off the switch will leave the holiday calendar empty, allowing you to manually add holidays one by one.

This option provides full control over which holidays are included in the calendar and may be preferred by users who want to customize the holiday calendar according to their specific requirements.

Option 3 (Off for Existing Calendar): Turning off this switch on an existing calendar, previously added holidays will remain, but no new ones will be auto-generated.

This option may be suitable for users who want to preserve their current holiday setup without automatic updates.

Step 3: Match the Subsidiary and Holiday Calendar with Your Employees

As you invite people to your account, you'll need to assign them to a subsidiary (workplace) and a holiday calendar.

Reassigning a Holiday Calendar

As mentioned, when you invite new users to join Productive, you will need to assign them to a subsidiary. You will also assign them to a holiday calendar.

If you have added the needed holiday calendars for all your subsidiaries, this process ensures that new users match their subsidiary's holiday calendars right away.

However, sometimes you'll need to change the holiday calendar for an existing employee. You might also need to add a new holiday calendar for them.


Your teammate started working remotely in Canada. But, they are officially employed in the US branch of the company.

As per your company policy, they need to observe the holidays of the country where they are physically located, i.e. Canadian ones.

No problem. Productive allows you to configure their holiday calendar to align with Canadian holidays and non-working days in a couple of clicks.

To set this up:

1) Locate the said teammate's profile in CRM > Contacts or Settings > Users and proceed to their Cost rates.

2) Clicking on the + Cost rate button or editing an existing cost rate (...) will open a popup window, where you'll find a dropdown menu labeled as Holiday calendar.

3) From there, you'll be able to select your holiday calendar and assign it to the person.

Note: If you haven't added a holiday calendar in Settings > Holidays yet, don't worry. Simply select "+ Add holiday list" from the dropdown to create a new holiday calendar.

Please note:

  • Only Admins can assign a new holiday calendar to their team.

  • If a specific holiday calendar is not assigned to a person, the default account calendar will be applied (based on the account owner's setup details).

Holiday Calendars and Resourcing

Once holiday calendars are created and assigned to users, they will mark off days for the users in Resourcing.

These days will be flagged, and when you hover over the flagged day, you will see which bank holiday is being marked and which holiday calendar it belongs to.

From the individual user's perspective, when booking time off through Time > Book time off, the user will see their bank holidays flagged as well.

Additionally, by selecting the gear icon (⚙️) to the right and opening the additional Resourcing settings, you can choose to hide or display all holidays from all holiday calendars introduced to the app, or only those associated with the current user of the platform.

Tip: Holidays will be displayed in the same way in the Workload view, helping you organize your tasks better.

For more information on this feature, check out this article!

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