With Placeholders, you can add virtual users to Scheduling. This means that you can schedule people that are not yet a part of your organization, or you just want to plan ahead and see if you should look for new teammates.

Placeholders can be assigned a role and a cost rate, so you can see how their assignments will impact your budgets.

To add Placeholders, go to Settings > Placeholders. Click on Add Placeholder to create a virtual user:

First, make sure you give the virtual user a name, then set the planned salary and click Create:

Now, let's see how will your virtual user look in Scheduling:

To take it a bit further, you can use Placeholders in Insights as well, for example in Capacity & Availability Insight:

To edit a Placeholder, simply go to Settings > Placeholders where you can rename it, change the colour scheme and change the cost rate as well.

Custom Fields

Because a Placeholder acts as an actual person in Productive, you can also assign custom fields to it, as you with regular teammates. To add a custom field to a person, normally you would go to Contacts > People and add it there, but for Placeholders, the procedure is a bit different.

To add a custom field to a Placeholder, go to Settings > Placeholders and add click on the Placeholder in question:

Under the Placeholder name, you'll see a list of custom fields you can assign to it:

To assign a custom field, just select one from the dropdown.

Let's now see how this will look in Scheduling:

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