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Add one or multiple holiday calendars to your account.

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In Productive, Holidays are designated as national or bank holidays, during which your team members are not expected to work.

These holidays are factored into your team's capacity and availability and are displayed as non-working days in Resourcing (you'll notice little flags over the said dates there).

To access your holiday settings, head over to Settings > Holidays.

Tip: start typing "Holidays" in the Settings search bar to find it fastest.

You will see a list of your holidays here. They are pre-populated when you sign up, depending on your account locale.

For example, if you are based in Australia, Productive will automatically add all Australian holidays to your account.

Adding a new holiday calendar

To add a new Holiday Calendar, navigate to Holidays through your settings, and click on "New Holiday Calendar" located in the top right corner.

Tip: Adding extra holiday calendars is useful if you have teammates working remotely or manage multiple subsidiaries in Productive. For more details on setting holidays for different subsidiaries, check out this article.

A pop-up window will appear for you to enter the Name of the new calendar, Country (selected from the drop-down menu), and State (from a drop-down menu).

State information is essential for countries with state-specific holidays. If no state is selected, only holidays common to all states will be created.

"Generate holidays automatically" toggle

When creating or editing a holiday calendar, enabling the "Generate holidays automatically" switch will automatically populate the calendar with holidays based on the selected country's calendar.

If you remove any holidays later, they will be re-added during the next monthly automatic generation cycle.

Disabling the switch will keep the holiday calendar empty, allowing you to manually add holidays.

If you disable this switch on an existing calendar, previously added holidays will remain, but no new ones will be auto-generated.

Editing a holiday calendar

To make modifications to an existing holiday calendar, hover over the holiday, click its name, and make the necessary changes.

To manually add a date to an existing holiday calendar, scroll to the bottom and click on + Add holiday.

Be mindful of the "Generate holidays automatically" setting you have enabled or disabled here (see paragraph above)!

Deleting a holiday calendar

Deleting a holiday calendar is a straightforward process in Productive. Here's how you can do it:

  1. Navigate to Settings: Go to Settings > Holidays.

  2. Select the Calendar: Locate the holiday calendar you want to delete and click on the three-dot menu next to its title.

  3. Choose "Delete": From the menu options, select "Delete" to proceed with deleting the calendar.

Now, it's worth noting that if this calendar has been assigned to any users, you might encounter a "Not allowed to perform this action!" message.

Here's how you can resolve that:

  1. Check Assignments: Go to the Reports section and add a new report called "Cost rates by person" from the Reports library.

  2. Add Filters: In this report, add the "Holiday calendar" field and any other desired filters.

  3. Review Assignments: The report will show you which users are assigned to which holiday calendars.

  4. Adjust Assignments: Click on a person's name to access their profile and make changes to their holiday calendar assignment if needed in their Cost rates tab.

  5. Delete Calendar: Once no users are using the holiday calendar, you can return to Settings and delete it without any issues.

Assigning a holiday calendar to a teammate

When you invite new users to join Productive, you will need to assign them to a workplace (subsidiary) and a holiday calendar (while setting up their cost rate).

Note: If not all your employees belong to the same subsidiary and use the same holiday calendar, don't worry. Just follow these steps:

1) Locate the said teammate's profile in CRM > Contacts or Settings > Users and proceed to their Cost rates.

2) Clicking on the + Cost rate button or editing an existing cost rate (...) will open a popup window, where you'll find a dropdown menu labeled as Holiday calendar.

3) From there, you'll be able to select your holiday calendar and assign it to the person.

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