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Learn what Project Sidebar has to offer.

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The configuration and editing options for Projects are located in the sidebar, in the far right corner.

The Sidebar options are divided into four main tabs:

1️⃣ General

The General tab gives you the basic information about the project such as:

  • Project name

  • Project manager (the person responsible for the project)

  • Privacy - Project type (Public or Private)

  • Company name

  • Project members

  • Project creation date

  • Project ID

  • Project number

By clicking on Add or remove people, you can add project members. Also, if you'd like to remove the person, just hit the x right next to the name. To see how it is done, feel free to check this article.

With the option Edit project, you can make changes to the general information about the project, such as name, avatar color, project manager, company name, and project type (private or public). You can also choose to enable or disable time tracking on tasks.

If you archived boards or task lists, you can restore them by clicking on Manage archived boards or Manage archived lists.

2️⃣ Workflows

Workflows are statuses that you can apply to each task to organize your work in phases. To find out how to set them up, you can check this article.

Default workflow is created automatically and contains only two statuses: one started and another closed.

In a sidebar, you can change the workflows and set up new task statuses, by clicking on Change workflows.

💡 Before changing the workflow, first create a workflow in Settings > Workflows.

3️⃣ Custom fields

In the Custom fields tab, all of the Custom fields for Projects will show up and you can assign them to the project. To find out how to create Custom fields, be sure to check this article.

By clicking on Manage project custom fields, you will be redirected to Settings > Custom fields, from which you can add new custom fields.

By clicking on Manage task custom fields, you can add new custom fields for tasks.

4️⃣ Actions

The tab Actions tab allows you to Edit project, Duplicate project and Archive project.

If you want to exit from the sidebar, you can click on the sidebar icon once more or on this far right icon in the sidebar.

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