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Manage Projects in SprintsUse boards and tasks lists to set up and manage project using sprints.
Lump Sum BudgetsLearn how to create a lump sum budget.
Create a Report and set up a Pulse for sprintsBuild a customized report and send it automatically to the designated recipients.
Can I Assign Multiple Assignees To a Task?
Change Your and Another User's Email AddressEach user can change their email address in Productive. Changing email address can be done at any time in the settings.
Using the Date FilterGo back (or to the future) using various Date filters
Keeping Track of OvertimeLearn how to easily keep track of overtime for everybody in your organization.
How To Create a Vacation / Time Off Usage ReportCreate a company-wide time off report in Reports.
Assign Priorities to Tasks Using Custom FieldsIdeal when you want to add a priority label to your tasks.
Splitting up People In Teams With Custom FieldsA typical scenario for using Custom Fields.
Create And Duplicate TemplatesCreate predefined templates in order to skip repetitive work that happens in sales deals and through the project delivery.
Duplicate Sales Deals Or Create TemplatesSave your time to seal a deal by creating and/or duplicating templates for your sales deals.
Duplicate Projects Or Create Project TemplatesQuickly set up and organize your projects by creating and/or duplicating predefined project templates.
Duplicate Tasks Or Create Task TemplatesSave your time to organize tasks in a project by creating task templates or duplicating existing ones.
Time Tracking - Best Practices
Task Management - Best Practices
Reports - Best PracticesCreate some of the most popular reports in Productive
Add Terms and Conditions to your Document templates