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How To Create a Vacation / Time Off Usage Report
How To Create a Vacation / Time Off Usage Report

Create a company-wide time off report in Reports.

Updated over a week ago

Using Entitlements as a data source in Reports, you can create several types of reports to see how many days off can a person use per category.

A typical scenario would be to check the status of:

  • vacations

  • sick leave

  • maternity leave

In this example, government laws require 30 days of paid vacation, but the company policy allows 15 days more of unpaid vacation. If you want to check the status of the entitlement per teammate, the report would look like this:

Notice that the start and end dates are used for the duration of the entitlement, but not when they will be used.

To create a report that will tell you when someone will be using their time off, you can use Bookings as a data source in Reports:

Notice that the date filter is set to next week, and the booking type is set to time off, so this report will tell you who will be using their time off starting next week.

๐Ÿ”ฅ Bonus tip: Use Pulse to automate this report - for example, you can send a report each Monday that will tell your teammates who will be unavailable for that week.

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