Change your own email address

To change your own email address, go to Settings - Account:

Change email for other users

If a person has already been invited to Productive, you will not be able to change their email address and/or name - only they will be able to update their credentials.
Alternatively, you can contact Productive support using the in-app chat and we will be able to make changes for you.

Why can't I change someone's email address?

You started using Productive and invited other people from your organization to join the account. E-mail addresses you entered when you invited people became their credentials. Once they accept your invitation, they will set up an account password.

So, the next time they log in, they will be using that same e-mail address the invite was sent to and a password they had to choose as a first step of creating their account.

That's why you can't change others' e-mail addresses. No matter if you're an admin, the e-mail address works as a username and no one can change it except the person whose account it is.

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