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Change Your and Another User's Email Address
Change Your and Another User's Email Address

Each user can change their email address in Productive. Changing email address can be done at any time in the settings.

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Change your own email address

To change your own email address, go to your profile and select "Edit profile" from the menu (three dots in the upper right):

Enter your new email:

Change email for other users

If a person has already been invited to Productive, you will not be able to change their email address and/or name - unless you have the admin role assigned.
Alternatively, you can contact Productive support using the in-app chat and we will be able to make changes for you.

Admins have the ability to:

  • change the profile picture of another user

  • change the name of another user

  • change the e-mail address of another user (but only if that user still hasn't accepted an e-mail invitation for your organization)

To make these changes go to Contacts and select a user you wish to edit.

When you click on Edit profile you will be taken to this menu (below) from which you can make these changes.

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