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Duplicate Tasks Or Create Task Templates
Duplicate Tasks Or Create Task Templates

Save your time to organize tasks in a project by creating task templates or duplicating existing ones.

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If you do your project and task management in more or less the same way, you can duplicate existing tasks or create task templates and duplicate them, which will allow you to save time and focus on tasks being done.

Templates are available when:

  • Duplicating existing tasks inside a certain project, or

  • Creating a task template.

Duplicating existing tasks inside a certain project

To duplicate an existing task or more tasks go to Projects > Project detail > Tasks and switch to List Layout or Task View.

Navigate to the left, next to the Task name, and click on the checkbox to choose which tasks you want to be duplicated. When you click on the checkbox, the editor will open at the bottom of the screen, and will also allow you to duplicate and edit selected tasks in bulk.

There are options to change the tasks Status, Board - task list, change an Assignee, add Tags, or change the Date range. After you set everything up, open the sidebar to the very right and select the Duplicate tasks option.

Now is the time to select the details of the duplicated tasks. You can duplicate selected tasks to a different project, and choose the project board and task list.

Additionally, you can choose which modules from the existing tasks you'd like to copy to the new ones. By default, you can select Everything, but to fine-tune it, select the other option.

When you’re all set, hit the Duplicate tasks button and your new tasks will now show in the selected Project.

Also, you can also duplicate closed tasks, and they will duplicate as a closed task in the Project of your choice.

PLEASE NOTE: If you want to duplicate a task to a different project and task list, and then include both assignees and subscribers on this specific task, there is a possibility that the same people are not members of the project to which this task will be moved. In that case, Productive will ask you to add the people in question to the other project too.

Creating a task template

The best way to go in creating a task template is to create one in a predefined project template. To learn more about creating project templates, click here.

So let's suppose we already have a project template named e.x. TEMPLATE_Project. Inside that project create tasks you wish to use as template tasks.

After creating a tasks template, navigate to the left, next to the Task name, and click on the checkbox to choose the tasks you want to be duplicated. Follow the same procedure as explained in the paragraph mentioned above (Duplicating existing tasks inside a certain project).

After duplicating the tasks you can, of course, easily edit them later.

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