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Duplicate a Task / Duplicate Multiple Tasks or Task Lists
Duplicate a Task / Duplicate Multiple Tasks or Task Lists

Copy a task quickly with its content included. Duplicate repetitive work that happens on multiple task lists easily.

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You can duplicate tasks in Productive. For example, you could be working on push notifications for an Android app, and push notifications for an iOS app on the same mobile development project. 

It's basically going to be the same task, with a different assignee based on the technology used to develop it (there are other cases where this could happen too). Why create two tasks manually, when you can just create one, duplicate it, and do some minor changes? 

You can do this easily from the task itself.

Select what you want to copy and click Duplicate task:


If you want to duplicate a task to a different project and task list, and then include both assignees and subscribers on this specific task, it could happen that the same people are not members of the project where this task will be moved to. 

In that case, Productive will ask you to add the people in question to the other project too. 

Duplicate Multiple Tasks

If you want to duplicate a selection of tasks, select which ones you want to duplicate using checkmarks in the Tasks view:

Duplicate Boards or Task Lists

To duplicate a project board, use the options menu:

Use the same method when duplicating a task list:

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