There will be times where a project or a task will require more work than intended and simply more hours will be necessary to finish them than initially estimated. Thus, people will track more time and go above their capacity threshold. Which begs the question - where can you see how many hours are actually overtime?

To see that on an individual level, you can always open up the person's profile and

compare their Capacity/Availability and Worked hours.

Here's an example where Frank has a 40 hour work week but he has logged 45 worked hours for the past week.

Now, that may seem easy enough when you need the information for only one employee, but to have data for all overtime across the whole organization for the previous quarter - that might take some time.

That is why we have created a built-in report in our Inishgts library that will display Overtime for everyone, presenting you a clear overview of the whole organization in a nice and comprehensive report.

To access that report, go to Insights and simply type in "overtime" which will return a single result with the report called Overtime by people.

If we take a look at Frank, we can see that for the past week (a filter we have adjusted), he had 5 hours of overtime which translates into 12.5% above his set capacity.

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