If you manage your sales deals in more or less the same way, you can create templates and duplicate them, or you can duplicate existing sales deals which will allow you to speed up your game.

Templates are available when:

  • Duplicating an existing sales deal

  • Creating a sales deal template

Duplicating an existing sales deal

To duplicate an existing sales deal go to the Sales > Deals and choose the sales deal you want to duplicate, open the sidebar and select the Duplicate sales deal option.

Give a name to a new duplicated deal, click on the Duplicate Deal button and your new sales deal will now show in the Deals list.

Keep in mind that duplicating the deal will also duplicate all services and expenses.

After duplicating the sales deal you can easily edit the new deal.

Creating a sales deal template

To create a sales deal template go to Sales > Deals and click on to + Deal button. Fill out the sales deal data you wish to be duplicated, and name it so it is later easy to find, like here e.x. TEMPLATE_Sales deal.

After creating a sales deal template click on the sidebar to the right, choose Duplicate deal, and follow the steps explained above.

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