Click on your avatar image at the bottom left of the navigation to go to your profile. 

This is the place where you can see everything that's related to you as a Productive user - work log with a list of the latest things you've added (tasks, notes, comments...), time entries, e-mails, cost rate, contact info, projects you're working on, etc.

The overview

The first tab you will see is the overview tab, where you can see your capacity, availability, scheduled time on projects and events, as well as your total worked time. 

Edit your profile

Click on the contact info box to edit your contact information. You can add or change your e-mail, phone number and address.

Change your name

If you want to change your name, click on your name in your profile. 

You can edit your name or change your avatar in the next step.

Work log

Work log is a place where you can see a log of *everything* you were doing in Productive.

Whether it’s creating a new task, commenting on a deal, creating a budget, invoice, deal, user, assigning a task to someone… you name it. Everything here is listed chronologically.

Time entries

This is the place where you can view all of your time entries.

You can group time entries by days or services, select a time interval you're interested in or select a specific budget.

Once you have the time entries displayed, you can make some corrections if necessary or delete the time entry completely.

Click on the "..." menu next to a time entry and choose one of the options.

If you want to export time entries, click on the export button and select a document format you need (XLS, PDF or CSV).

If you have a Manager or Admin role, you also have access to Notes, Emails and Projects tabs.


Notes show what someone else wrote about you. For example, your manager can open your details and write down something like “Frank took this project after Hank left the company”.


Emails tab shows you every email that was filed in Productive you sent or received.

Whether someone from the team CC’d you in the e-mail that was sent to a client, or you sent something, all this correspondence will be shown here.


This tab shows the list of all the projects you are a member of.

If you have admin or manager role, you can add or remove yourself from projects.

Cost rate

This tab is only accessible to account admins. This is your personal cost rate (what your company pays you for the work you do).

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