Person Manager Field

Assign a Manager to a person in the profile tab.

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Adding the Manager field is available on all plans.

However, not all roles have access to it. Only Admins, Profitability managers, and Managers can edit it while it is not possible to be edited by Staff roles and Coordinators.

Assigning a Manager to a Person

To assign a manager, head over to a person's profile page, and select Edit manager:

This can also be done inline via the table layout of My Company - People tab:

Note that 2 people cannot be set managers for each other. For example, if you set Ann as Luke's manager when trying to add a manager for Luke, Ann will not come up as an available option.

If there is no Set Manager option for a specific person, that means they have not been added as u user. In other words, they are still a contact.

πŸ’‘ A Manager cannot be assigned to a Client or a Contractor.

Using the Manager field as a filter and field

In the CRM-Contacts menu, you can set the Manager filter to only display people where a specific person is set as their manager:

You can also add the Manager field. Note that it can be edited inline here as well:

People can also be grouped by the Manager field:

The same options - filtering, grouping, and adding the Manager field are available in Reports with the People data source.

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