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Organization Chart

Vizualize your company's internal structure and relationship hierarchy.

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Org charts help you establish visual representations of your organization structure. It is a hierarchical diagram that illustrates the relationships and ranks of your employees within your organization.

Org charts are available in the Professional and Ultimate plans.

How to create an Organization chart?

Hover over your avatar in the upper right and select My company. From there, select the the Org chart tab.

Here you can see the names of the people in your company, as well as their job title and how many subordinates that person has. You can also access the profiles of your colleagues if you click on their names in the chart.

Tip: Before you can see an Org chart in this tab you need to assign managers to each of your employees.

How do I assign a manager to my employees?

Head over to the profile of the person you need to set the manager, open the three-dot menu and select "Set manager".

Organization charts in a person's profile

Besides viewing the entire organization chart on the company level (through My Company > Org chart tab), you can see a person's role in the organization structure if you go to their profile and navigate to the Org chart tab.

Here you will find the individual line of hierarchy for that particular person.

Note: Visibility of the Org Chart for Staff Users

Staff and Staff with time access users currently do not see the org chart of the entire organization because they cannot access the My Company page.

Our team is currently working on enabling this πŸš€

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