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Editing a User

If you want to edit a user, you can change their permissions, cost rate, tags, or even deactivate them if they don't work with you anymore.

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In order to edit a user, go to Settings > Users and select a user you want to edit or find the user via the search function.

Once you have the user's details open you can:

  • change or add contact info

  • add to team

  • add tags

  • edit cost rate

  • edit profile

  • edit job title

  • assign service type

  • edit workplace

  • edit permissions

  • deactivate the user

  • unlock time tracking

  • revoke login access

and more.

Contact info

Click on the contact info box and select the Edit contact info option:

Enter the information you might be missing such as mobile phone number, street address, home number, alternative e-mail address, or a link to a website.

Resend invitation

If a user didn't receive your invitation to join Productive, you can click on the Resend invitation button to send it again.

Add new subscribers


Tags are necessary for filtering. Let's say you want to create a filter with a list of designers. You would need to add the "design" tag to everybody on the design team.

Custom fields

If you have added People custom fields in the Settings, you'll be able to assign them to people from your organization right from their profile.

Options on the three-dot menu

Edit profile

From here, you can edit the user's name and surname, as well as the email (if the user hasn't accepted the invitation to join your organization).

Edit job title

Choose this option if you want to change the job title of the person.

When it comes to Edit profile and Edit job title options, have in mind that if you have multiple organizations under one profile, changes you make to your profile from any organization will reflect on all of your organizations. However, changing the job title will reflect on the profile of only one organization - on the one you are editing this option from. 

For example, let's say that you are the owner of two organizations - X and Y. If you open your profile on organization X and edit your surname there, that will reflect on organization Y. However, if you edit your job title on your profile from organization Y, that will not reflect on organization X. Two job titles, but one "shared" profile.

Assign service types

Assign and edit different service types so that this person can track time against these specific services when tracking time is restricted by a person.

Edit workplace

You can change or set up the subsidiary where the person will be registered or from where they are working.

Edit permissions

Learn about user permissions here.

Deactivate person

The easiest way to deactivate a user in Productive is in Settings > Users. In the list of users, simply click the Deactivate user icon to the very right.

Alternatively, you can also head to Contacts > People where you can click themenu and select Deactivate person:

Once you deactivate a user, they will no longer be able to log into Productive. If you change your mind, go to Contacts > People, click on Views, and select the Deactivated list. Or you can use the search to find the person. 

After you have found the person you want to reactivate, click on Activate person from the menu.

Note that your users can also be accessed by clicking on Contacts > People, and then clicking the name of the relevant user. The same window as described above will pop up and you may edit all of the aforementioned data.

Also, this action will affect the seat count!

Unlock time tracking

In case you have the Lock time entries option enabled in Settings, you'll be able to restrict adding/editing time entities for past dates. Subsequently, you'll also be able to unlock a time tracking period for a certain individual in case you'd like them to bypass that rule for a limited time. More on this topic here.

Revoke login access

In case you'd like to temporarily lock a user out of the dashboard, ie. revoke their access, use the Revoke login access option.

Have in mind that this action doesn't affect seat count and you'll be able to reinvite the user at any time. 

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