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Revoke User Access

Temporary revoke access to Productive for certain teammates

Updated over a week ago

You can prevent a teammate from accessing Productive for a limited amount of time without deactivating their account.

This could be due to an extended period of leave (e.g. a sabbatical, or a maternity leave) or for hiring and onboarding purposes (e.g. they will start working a month from now, but you want to add all of their data and assignments up front).

Note that their seat is still occupied and all of their data is kept in Productive, so you can still generate reports.

To revoke access, go to Contacts > People and find the person in question. Hit options, and select Revoke Login Access:

Now the person won't be able to login to Productive, and this is the message they will see:

When you're ready to enable their access again, hit Invite:

This will send an email that invites them back to Productive, and their account will be active as soon as they log in again.

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