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Account Management: Adding and Removing Seats

Learn how to add and remove seats from your account, and update your pricing plan.

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Each seat in Productive represents one paid user of the app, such as an Employee or a Contractor.

It's important to note that Clients added to Productive as users are not counted as paid seats.

To add or remove seats, navigate to Settings > Billing. This option is available to both the organization owner and Admins.

Note that you can add or remove seats for either of your billing methods, whether invoice-based or via credit card.

Adding Seats

To add a seat, click on Buy seats and specify the number of seats you'd like to add to your account.

Upon adding seats, a one-time adjustment change fee will be applied to your account. The current seat overview will then automatically update, displaying a progress bar indicating the remaining available spaces.

Note: Adding users such as Employees and Contractors to your account will be possible only after you've made sure you have an adequate number of paid seats in your account.

Removing seats

Removing seats is as simple as adding them and can be done from the same "Seat count" section in Billing.

Note that if all of your seats are in use, you'll need to deactivate a user to free up their seat for removal!

By removing seats, your account will be credited with pro-rated credit, which will be applied to your next transaction.

Additionally, the seat count will immediately update to reflect the change, indicating the maximum number of seats available.

Important! When deactivating a user, their seat isn't automatically removed. You'll need to manually remove it if you don't intend to assign it to another user or wish to stop paying for it.

Update pricing plan

Seats can also be added by updating your subscription plan. Navigate to the "Current pricing plan" section and select "Change plan".

A popup window will appear, providing a detailed overview of your account, including subscription plan, billing cycle information, discount details, current seat count, HR addon information, and additional billing information.

After making any updates or adjustments to the plan, including adding or removing seats, ensure to save changes by clicking on "Update pricing plan" to receive confirmation of the plan update.

After removing seats, how long do I have to wait for the balance to be updated?

Following seat removal, you may wonder how long it takes for the balance to be updated.

Recalculation of seats and balances may take up to an hour for yearly plans. For monthly plans, the balance will be updated at the end of the billing cycle.

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