First, you start a free, 14-day trial. During the trial you can add your credit card at any time but you will not be billed until the trial expires.

If no credit card has been added during the trial, your access will be blocked after the trial expires and you will have to add the credit card to log in and continue working.

Your subscription starts after the free trial has expired and a valid credit card has been added.

Productive subscription can be either MONTHLY or ANNUAL.

  • MONTHLY - billed in monthly interval (every month one bill)

  • ANNUAL - billed annually (only one bill per year)

You are billed for the interval period upfront and the amount is calculated from your current seat count. If you add seats during the interval period, you will be charged extra.

What are "Seats" in your plan?

The number of seats suggests the number of employees or contractors from your company that will use Productive. For example, if your company employs 10 full time employees and five contractors, you will need 15 seats in total.

A person who owns a seat in Productive can track time in the app and is therefore considered a paid account.

You can also add your clients to the app (more on that here) but you will not be charged for their seat.

Monthly plan

On the next billing period (so next month) you will pay extra for the prorated amount for the seat - you pay only what you used - no more.

EXAMPLE: You have 10 seats and you pay 10 x $15 = $150 for the month up front. During that month you add one more seat. On the next billing period, you will be billed 11 x $15 = $165 (for the new month) + 1 x $X (where X is prorated amount for the period that seat used, e.g. $2,5 if the seat was used for 5 days)

Annual plan

You are billed immediately for the prorated amount for the remainder of the interval period.

EXAMPLE: You have 10 seats on the Premium plan. You will pay 10 x $240 = $2400 for the year upfront. During that year you add one more seat. You immediately pay the prorated amount for that seat. (e.g. $120 for the seat that has been added 6 months into the year). On the next billing period (next year) you will be billed 11 x $240 = $2640 for the next year.

The same rule applies if you remove seats, you will be billed less on the future billing intervals.

What happens when you deactivate a user

Productive makes sure that you always get what you have paid for. 

EXAMPLE: If you have removed some members of your team and you have an annual subscription, we will add the unused amount to your account credit. Should you add some new members, we will not charge your card, instead we will use the previously stored credit first, and then charge the additional amount if needed. 

No added expenses and fully transparent. 

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