User Management

Create new users in Productive and invite them to collaborate immediately or at a later point. Edit or deactivate existing users.

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To create, edit or deactivate users in Productive, the first step is to head over to Settings > Users.

Creating a new user

To create a new user, click the + Add user in the top right corner.

You will need to select whether the new user is an employee, client, or contractor.

Once that is done, simply fill in the required data (name, title, email...).

By unticking the Send invitation via email option, the user will be added as a member of your team, but not invited to log in to Productive.
You will then see them in Resourcing, for example, the same as you would see an active user.
The invitation to the said user can be always sent at a later date.

Editing a user

To edit a user, we will remain in Settings > Users, and click the name of any individual user.

Once you have the user's details open you can:

  • change or add contact info

  • add tags

  • edit cost rate

  • edit job title

  • set holidays

  • edit permissions

  • deactivate the user

Contact info

Click on the contact info box and select Edit contact info option.

Enter the information you might be missing, such as a mobile phone number, street address, home number, alternative e-mail address, or a link to a website.

Resend invitation

If a user didn't receive your invitation to join Productive, you can click the Resend invitation button to send it again.


Tags are necessary for filtering. Let's say you want to create a filter with a list of designers. You would need to add the "design" tag to everybody on the design team.

Job title

Click the "..." menu and select the Edit job title option.

Change the job title and update the user.

Deactivate user

The easiest way to deactivate users is directly from the Settings > Users screen. Simply click the Deactivate user icon to the far right.

You can also deactivate a user by editing the user, then clicking the three-dot (menu) icon in the top right, and clicking the Deactivate person option.

Once you deactivate a user, they will no longer be able to log into Productive. If you change your mind, go to Settings > Users, and simply click the Activate user option. Be mindful of your filters, as they may be set up to display only active users.

You can also reactivate a user by clicking their name to edit them, then clicking the three-dot (menu) icon in the top right and clicking the Activate person option.

πŸ’‘ Due to technical limitations, users can not be permanently deleted; they can only be deactivated. Also, note that importing users does not automatically send invitation emails. πŸ’‘

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