Time Entries in a Budget

Create reports, edit and move time entries in a Budget.

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People working on a project track their time against services you defined in a budget. Tracking time you spend on a project enables you to have an insight into your project's profitability.

To see how much time is being spent on what and by whom, open any Budget and select the Time entries tab.

Grouping options

You can group time entries by time, period, people, service and tasks:

Time interval

Specify a time interval using the date picker.

Service picker

If you want to see how many hours were spent on a specific service, select one from the dropdown menu.

Exporting a time report

When you're done defining all the criteria you're interested in, click on the download button to create a report:

Manager vs Client export

When exporting a time report on a budget as a Manager you will see a detailed breakdown of the hours logged against a budget.

On the other hand, when exporting the time report using the Client option, here is what the same report will look like:

๐Ÿ’ก When exporting the time report using the 'Export as Client' option, non-billable hours will not be included in the report.

Editing and deleting time entries

You can edit or delete time entries. Sort time entries by days and select an option you need from the menu.

Clicking edit will open a new menu where you can move this time entry to another project/budget or assign it to a Task:

You can also edit multiple time entries and move them to a different budget:

Read here more about giving your clients access to budgets.

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