Viewing User Details

You can get detailed activity reports for your users. Their work log, time entries and projects are listed on their personal profile page.

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To find a specific user, start typing their name into Search (ctrl+s):

Or, go to Contacts - People and select them from the list...

... or head to Settings - Users, where you can also update the users as needed.

There are a lot of user details available from the person's profile page. Based on your role you will be able to see different information spread out across various tabs. 


This is the tab where you can look at an overview of someone's utilization in a certain time period. 

Work log

A work log is a place where you can see a log of *everything* that person was doing in Productive (except the stuff in private tasks, unless you have access to those).

Whether it’s creating a new task, commenting on a deal, creating a budget, invoice, deal, user, or assigning a task to someone… you name it. Everything here is listed chronologically.

You can even apply filters to the work log-on to customize what you can want to see:


This is the place where you can see all Time entries for a specific employee or a contractor.

You can group time entries by days or services, select a time interval you're interested in or select a specific budget or pricing type.

When you're done defining all the criteria you're interested in you can even export this data.


Similar to the Working log, the Feed will show additional changes and updates that are directly related to this person.


The Emails tab for a person shows you every email filed in Productive that this person sent or received.

Whether someone from the team CC’d Lucy in the e-mail that was sent to a client, or Lucy sent something herself, all correspondence will be shown here.


This tab shows the list of all the projects this user is added as a project member.

It is also a place where you can assign a person to multiple projects at once:

Cost rate

The Cost rate tab is only accessible by Admins. This is essentially the gross salary of this user in particular. 

For more information on Cost rates, be sure to visit the following article:
Setting up cost rates

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