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Adding Time Off Entitlements To the Team
Adding Time Off Entitlements To the Team

Add the number of time off days a teammate can use.

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In Productive, Time off covers various types of leave, including paid summer and winter vacations, half-days off, unpaid leave, and paid maternity or paternity leave, to name a few.

These time-off categories, also referred to as entitlements, provide flexibility in team management, allowing you to assign specific categories to individual team members.
Each teammate can have their allocation of time off in days or hours.

1) Adding Entitlements to the Team

To add desired entitlements or time-off categories to your employees, go to CRM > Contacts or Settings > Users and find the person in question.

Note, by default, only Admins have the permission to add entitlements (this can later be adjusted via custom permissions).

From there, head to their Time off tab and select + Add new allocation.

2) Selecting the Desired Time-off Category

Here's a useful checklist to go over when adding a time-off category to an employee:

  1. Select the desired previously defined limited time-off category for the teammate (note that all unlimited time-off categories are automatically available to everyone).

  2. Enter the total time-off allocation (in days or hours) that the employee will be able to use.

  3. Specify the start and end dates for the time-off category's validity.

  4. Optionally, provide a brief description of why this entitlement and allocation of days/hours are being assigned to this individual (later visible in Reports only).

Pro Tip: While setting up time-off entitlements in Settings > Time off, make sure you include a description for the time-off category to help your team easily identify, use, and review booked time off.
This description will be visible throughout the platform, including in:

  • Settings > Time off

  • Under the person's entitlements in their profile

  • In Resourcing, while booking and viewing the time off

  • And in Reports (e.g., Booking data source)

3) Optional: Setting Up Time Off Approvers

Interested in setting up an internal time-off approval process?

You can designate one or multiple individuals to handle time-off requests. Get started by checking out our article on how to Define Time Off Approvers.

4) Optional: Import Entitlements

Looking to import entitlements or time-off categories into Productive?

You can easily do so through a CSV file import. For more details, check out our article on data imports.

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