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Setting Up Time-Off Approvals in Productive
Setting Up Time-Off Approvals in Productive

Define who can approve time off requests. Set multiple people as approvers.

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If you wish to establish an internal time-off approval process, you can designate one or multiple individuals responsible for approving time-off requests.

Setting Everything Up Beforehand

Here's what you need to have ready before setting up the time approvers:

1) Enable the "Time approval" option in Settings > Time off

2) Define all necessary time-off categories or entitlements in your Settings > Time off

3) Assign the appropriate time-off categories or entitlements to each team member by navigating to their profiles and adding the corresponding entitlements through + Entitlement option

Adding Time-Off Approvers

Once you've allocated a time-off category or entitlement to an individual, click on the Approver icon to designate one or more approvers. If multiple approvers are assigned, all must approve a request for it to be accepted.

You can also include additional subscribers to the time-off request to keep certain individuals informed once the time-off is approved.

Note that all admins can approve requests on behalf of other approvers!

Once you've assigned approvers for one entitlement, you can choose to assign them to other entitlements too.

Tip: If you ever need to check who is set as an approver for a certain time-off category or entitlement, and who will be notified, click on the approver icon in the upper right corner of the said entitlement.

Approval Process

Employees submitting time-off requests can easily see whether approval is required before finalizing their submission.

Once submitted, the time-off approval request will appear in the approvers' Approval inbox. From there, they can approve or deny the request, as well as view it in Resourcing and if needed, edit the request.

Additionally, as previously mentioned, admins can approve all time-off requests through Resourcing.

After the approval, the time-off booking will immediately appear in Resourcing. If any scheduling conflicts arise, the approver will be notified and given options to proceed.

All approved, pending, and rejected time-off requests will be visible in the person's time-off logs for review and management purposes.

Find out more about requesting time off here.

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