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Checking My Available Time Off

Check your time-off entitlements and request time off.

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Understanding Time Off Categories

In Productive, time off covers a range of leave types you can request, such as paid summer and winter vacations, half-days off, unpaid leave, and paid maternity or paternity leave, among others.

These customizable time-off categories offer flexibility for effectively managing your schedule and requesting any type of leave established by your company admins.

Productive categorizes time off into two main types:

  • Unlimited Time Off: Request an unlimited number of days or hours.

  • Limited Time Off: A finite number of free days or hours available for request.

Depending on your company's settings, time-off requests may be approved automatically, or your manager may need to approve them before your availability is adjusted accordingly.

Checking Your Available Time Off

To view and manage your current available entitlement(s) or time-off categories, follow these steps:

1) Access Your Profile

  • Click on your avatar in the upper right corner.

  • Navigate to the Time off tab.

2) Unlimited Time-Off Categories

  • Automatically appear under the Unlimited tab.

3) Limited Time-Off Categories

  • Need to be defined and added to your profile by your Admin.

If you don't see a certain time-off category in your Time off tab, please contact your account admin to ensure you're assigned the appropriate time-off categories! ๐Ÿ๏ธ

Time-Off Category Information

Each time-off category includes information about:

  • Number of Days or Hours Available: Information about available time-off requests.

  • Approvers and Subscribers: If approvals are enabled, the approver will need to approve your request, and the subscriber will be notified once the request is approved. Hover over the initials to see who your approver is.

  • Allocation Details: Expand the details to see the time-off category period and remaining days for each period. By default, the oldest period's dates will be used first, and once exhausted, the app will move on to the more recent period.

Requesting Time Off

To request time off, select "Book time off" and follow additional instructions here.

Current and Past Time Off

The Current and Past Time Off sections contain information about all your time-off requests along with their approval status, dates, attachments and other important information. Find out more about the logs here.

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