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Managing Attachments In Time Off Requests
Managing Attachments In Time Off Requests

Add attachments to your time-off requests and ensure that all necessary documentation is available and accessible to the right people.

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Keeping track of attachments in time-off requests helps with proper documentation and ensures that all necessary information is easily accessible for review. Here's how to effectively manage attachments when requesting time off.

Adding and Viewing Attachments

After uploading attachments (through the paperclip symbol in the lower right πŸ“Ž), they are displayed in a new row in the Note field, indicating how many files have been added.

Clicking on this row will open the list of attachments, which can be viewed or removed as needed.

Email Notifications

Attachments added to time-off bookings will appear in emails for all approval actions, including requesting, approving, rejecting, and cancelling.

This ensures that everyone involved remains informed and has access to the required documents throughout the approval process.

Who Can See the Attachments?

Attachments can be viewed by the following individuals:

  • Booking Owner: The person who created the time-off request.

  • Booking Approver: The individual responsible for approving the time-off request.

  • Users with Permission: Coordinators, Managers, Profitability Managers, and Admins who have permission to see notes and attachments on all bookings.

Editing Attachments

You can edit the time-off request and add or remove attachments while the request is still in the Pending stage.

To manage the attachments, open the three-dot menu to the right of the request and select Edit. From there, you'll be able to adjust your booking details, including removing or adding new attachments.

Note: If you do not have time-off approvals enabled, any time-off requests are approved automatically and attachments cannot be modified further.

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