Draft Invoice

Create a Draft Invoice before its final form.

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Invoice Draft is basically a stage prior to a final Invoice, or in other words, a preparation step before the invoice is finalized and sent to the client. It can serve as a pro-forma invoice.

Create the invoice draft

Instead of creating the Invoice right away, the invoice creation wizard will first lead you to create a Draft.

While an Invoice is in its Draft stage, it will have the Draft badge next to it as as well as the option to Finalize it:

At this stage, the Invoice does not have the invoice number:

Additionally, a draft invoice is not accounted for in the revenue.

Export the invoice draft

If you export the Invoice while in Draft status, it will have the Draft watermark indicating it is not a real invoice (yet).

πŸ’‘ Note: The Draft invoice can also serve as a Pro-forma Invoice

Finalize the invoice

Once you or the relevant team has reviewed the invoice, by clicking on Finalize Invoice, it will change its status and you will notice the Invoice number is assigned to it.
The invoice can then be copied to the accounting tool or sent directly to the client.

πŸ’‘ Note: An Invoice can also be exported to the accounting tool while in Draft status.
If the invoice number is taken from the accounting tool, selecting the option "copy to accounting" will also finalize the Invoice

Check the amount(s) is in the draft status

To check how much of a budget has been invoiced and how much of it is in the draft status, head over to the Budget overview and navigate to the Invoicing tab:

To check the total amount of invoices in the draft on your budgets, add the field Draft invoices amount in your view on the Budgets screen.

Watch the video to learn more.

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