Tasks in the main navigation

The tasks section is the place where you can find the list of all the tasks assigned to you or you can add filters to get a list of overdue, closed, or your co-workers' tasks.

This is also where you can quickly create a new task without switching to Projects.

Go to Tasks in the main navigation. You’ll notice there’s a “+” button that opens a form for adding a new task:

Type in or select the project you want this task to be added to:

The rest is the same just as if you would add tasks from the Project section:

You can also create and assign tasks to people quickly without going into a task. All you have to do is @mention somebody while entering the title of the task:

If you have a widget with open tasks on your Dashboard, look for a “+” button next to a project name and add tasks from there as well:

Global calendar view

There is also a calendar view in the Tasks section. Switch from the list view to the calendar view and see all of your tasks for a particular month.

Quick Add button

You can also create a task using the quick add button locate in the main navigation menu. Simply click on the + ADD button and select task.

A new window will appear where you can enter all the necessary information when creating a new task.

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