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Board View

Group tasks, deals, or budgets in columns and move them around the board.

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The board view is available in the Tasks and Project tasks screen, as well as in Deals and Budgets.

To access the board view, click on the Layouts dropdown and pick it from the dropdown menu.

Customize your view

Once you've picked the board layout, you will notice several options at the top: Fields, Group, Sort, and Filters.


Click on Fields to select from the list or type a field that you want to see in your view. Each field corresponds to a piece of information added to the task cards (if applicable).


Besides Projects, Task list, and Status, try grouping by the Assignee or any Custom field for a better task overview.

Also, when in the Project task view, click on the Show empty groups if you wish to see all the groups.


Set up a sorting option that allows you to sort data by Ascending or Descending criteria. For example, you could group by project and sort by status or group by status and sort by the project.


Set up a filter to display only data that meet a certain parameter. For example, only tasks that have "Not started" or "Started status" where the assignee is "Me (dynamic)".

Change the view data

Move tasks and task lists around

Use the slider to rearrange Task lists. Note that if you group your tasks by assignee, dragging the task from one group to the other will also change the task assignee.

Board Picker

Choose between your created boards or task lists and designate one as your default (marked with a bookmark flag). When you click on a board, it reveals all the task lists within that board. Simplify your organization by rearranging boards using the drag-and-drop option.

Use Case: Board View in the CRM

Use the board view to organize your sales deals as you wish. For example, you can add more custom fields and organize your deals in multiple sales pipelines. Just create more views and group each view by a different custom field.

Note that custom fields for this purpose should be of a "dropdown" type. Other custom field types are not available as a grouping option in the board view.

Info banner ℹ️

In Tasks, all fields regarding time, such as initial estimates, worked time, and time to complete will be aggregated in the ℹ️ notification.

In Deals, financial information such as revenue and potential revenue, as well as estimated time will be aggregated there.

Save your view

When you're done with the view customization, be sure to save it:

Selecting the "Save as" option allows you to create a new view from an existing one. You can make the view visible to everyone or only to you, name it and change the layout. The "Save changes" option saves over the last saved view.

If you selected the "View is visible to everyone" option when creating the view, it means that your teammates can use this view as well if they have sufficient permission levels to do so. If you leave this option unchecked, the new view will be visible only to you. You can always change this setting if needed by editing your view.

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