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Organize and manage your data in a calendar view.

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Much like its name suggests, you should use the Calendar view when concerned with the timing of your work.

Tasks without a due date won't show up here. Use this view for tasks with a specific due date or date range.

This view is available in the Tasks screen, and to access it, click on the Layout dropdown and select Calendar.

Customize your view

Once you've selected the Calendar layout, you will notice several options at the top: Fields and Filters.


Click on Fields to select from the list or type a field that you want to see in your calendar view. Each field corresponds to one column in the layout.

To keep the view clean, there are only a few fields displayed:

  • the project client icon (which will display the project name when you hover over it)

  • the assignee

  • the subtask icon (if applicable)

  • the task number

  • the task title (mandatory field)


Set up a filter to display only data that meet a certain parameter, e.g. only tasks belonging to a single Assignee.

Time frame

You will notice that the calendar view is limited to 1 month at a time.

At the top left, you can shuffle between the months. The central icon which reads "This month" always returns you to the current month.

Save your view

When you're done with the view customization, be sure to save it:

Selecting the "Save as" option allows you to create a new view from an existing one. You can make the view visible to everyone or only to you, name it and change the layout. The "Save changes" option saves over the last saved view.

If you selected the "View is visible to everyone" option when creating the view, it means that your teammates can use this view as well if they have sufficient permission levels to do so. If you leave this option unchecked, the new view will be visible only to you. You can always change this setting if needed by editing your view.

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