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Organize and manage your data in a list view.

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The list view is present in the Tasks and Project task screens.

To access the list layout view, click on Layout and then pick it from the dropdown menu.

Customize your view

Once you've picked the list layout, you will notice several options at the top: Fields, Group, Sort, and Filters.


Click on Fields to select from the list or type a field that you want to see in your view. Each field corresponds to one column in the layout. By dragging the fields up and down, you will move their corresponding columns in the layout below.


Besides Projects, Task list, and Status, try grouping by the Assignee or any Custom field for a better task overview.

Also, when in the Project task view, click on the Show empty groups if you wish to see all the groups.


Set up a sorting option that allows you to sort data by Ascending or Descending criteria. For example, you could group by project and sort by status or group by status and sort by the project.


Set up a filter to display only data that meet a certain parameter. For example, only tasks that have "Not started" or "Started status".

Change the view data

Once the data in your list has been set up, you are ready to check out the view below. Once again, notice that each column corresponds to one field defined in the Fields above.


Your columns may be too narrow or wide for your liking. If so, you can always resize them by dragging their borders left and right.

Move around

Your screen may be too narrow to hold all your columns. Scroll left and right as needed, and note the navigation bar at the bottom of the screen. Notice that the grouping option you choose is left (in this case Projects) and the top ribbon will always remain visible.

Fold or unfold

If you want to focus on one group at a time, go to the left of each Group and click on the arrow, that will fold or unfold each section.

Drag and drop

Also, you can use an option to drag and drop different Groups, which will allow you to move the groups up and down. And the great thing about that is that the system remembers your settings so the same order will be saved in Board view.

A great thing about this is also that with the drag and drop option, you can convert a task to a subtask, and vice versa. If you want to convert a task to a subtask, drag it below the task and move it to the right side. If you wish to convert a subtask to a task, drag it from the task and move to the left side.

Inline editing

The list view can also be used to make quick changes as needed. For instance, let's say you want to quickly change the priority of one of your tasks. Instead of clicking the task to edit it, click on the appropriate field, and enter the needed changes. Note that not all fields are editable.

Board Picker

Choose between your created boards or task lists and designate one as your default (marked with a bookmark flag). When you click on a board, it reveals all the task lists within that board. Simplify your organization by rearranging boards using the drag-and-drop option.

Save your view

When you're done with the view customization, be sure to save it:

Selecting the "Save as" option allows you to create a new view from an existing one. You can make the view visible to everyone or only to you, name it and change the layout. The "Save changes" option saves over the last saved view.

If you selected the "View is visible to everyone" option when creating the view, it means that your teammates can use this view as well if they have sufficient permission levels to do so. If you leave this option unchecked, the new view will be visible only to you. You can always change this setting if needed by editing your view.

More information on views

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