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The Task Timeline View

Plan and monitor your tasks with the Timeline view.

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Productive's Task Timeline View organizes tasks by visualizing them on a timeline.

Access this view from the Layout dropdown in Project > Tasks and the global Tasks menu.

Important: Only tasks with due dates appear in this view, while others are listed in the Unscheduled menu on the far right.

Adding a New Task

To add a new task:

  1. Click on the Timeline view under the column representing the task's start date.

  2. Drag it until its due date (minimum of 2 days required).

  3. In the pop-up window, enter additional task information such as title, description, project, and task list. You can also assign the task to a team member and upload attachments.

Updating Tasks

You can open and close tasks directly from the Timeline view by clicking on a task's box for more options.

Rearranging and Resizing Tasks

Tasks in the Timeline view are ordered by their start date, with the earliest tasks placed at the top.

Use the drag-and-drop function to move tasks or adjust their start and due dates. A shadow indicates the task's original position while dragging.

Unscheduled Tasks

Tasks without a due date are located in the Unscheduled task list on the far right.

You can search for these tasks and group them by assignee, task list, status, or any custom field.

Drag and drop them into the Timeline view, but note that tasks cannot be moved from the Timeline back to the Unscheduled list.

Grouping Tasks

Tasks can be grouped by task list, assignee, status, or custom fields.

In the global tasks view, only task custom fields from the task custom field library (global task fields) are visible and available for grouping, whereas, when viewing tasks from a specific project, both project and global custom fields are available.

Task grouping is also possible for Unscheduled tasks.

Coloring Tasks

Tasks can be color-coded by project color or custom fields.

For example, tasks can be colored based on their priority (custom field). Check out this article to see how to assign priorities to tasks and choose colors for priority categories: Assign priorities to tasks using custom fields.

Note: Multi-select custom fields are not available in the Timeline view; only Single-select fields can be displayed.

Navigation and Zoom Levels

Navigate the view by scrolling or using the navigation markers at the bottom and far right.

The Today button brings you back to today's date, and the magnifying glass icons allow you to zoom in or out of the view.

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