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Fully arrange and customize the displayed data, move it around and filter as needed.
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The Table view is present in the Tasks, Projects, Budgets, Sales, Contracts, Invoices, and Payments screens.

The table view is now accessible through the toolbox as seen in the picture (below).

To activate alternative views, click on Layout and then pick a view from the dropdown menu.

Customize your view

Once you've picked the Table view, you will notice three options at the top: Fields, Group, and Filters:

  • Fields - click on Fields to select any data that you want to draw into your Table view. Each field corresponds to one column in the view. By dragging the fields up and down, you will move their corresponding columns in the view below.

  • Group - group your data by one or two parameters, e.g. group your tasks by their assignee, plus the tasks' statuses. Don't forget to tick the Show tasks box to display the individual tasks!

  • Sort - Set up a sorting option that allows you to sort data by Ascending or Descending criteria. For example, you could group by assignee and sort by due date or group by the due date and sort by the assignee.

  • Filter - set up a filter to display only data that meet a certain parameter - e.g. only tasks belonging to a single Assignee. For more info on setting up your view, click here.

Change the data layout

Once the data in your table has been set up, you are ready to check out the view below. First of all, notice that each column corresponds to one field defined in the Fields above. You can swap their places by dragging them left and right as needed. Also, your columns may be too narrow or wide for your liking. If so, you can always resize them by dragging their borders left and right:

Furthermore, your screen may be too narrow to hold all your columns. Scroll left and right as needed, and note the navigation bar at the bottom of the screen:

Notice that the column furthest left and the top ribbon will always remain visible.

Inline editing

The table view can also be used to make quick changes as needed. For instance, let's say you want to quickly change the due date on one of your tasks. Instead of clicking the task to edit it, click on the appropriate field, and enter the needed changes. We call it - inline editing:

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