Managing a Budget

You can edit, duplicate, deliver or delete a budget at any time. Change the name or responsible person for a budget here too.

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Edit budget

Go to the budget you need to edit, click on the menu and select Edit option.

This is where you can change the budget name and the responsible person.

Whoever is responsible for a budget will be also responsible for approving time entries (if you have turned on time approvals).

Delete budget

Go to the budget you want to delete, click on the menu and select the Delete option.

Be aware that you can't restore a deleted budget. If you deleted a budget by mistake you will need to create a new one (or contact us to help you out).

View activity

Click on the Feed tab to get an overview of everything that was happening on the budget.

If you want to add a note or discuss something with other people involved with this budget enter text into an input field, mention people, add attachments, save the note.

Subscribers and people you mentioned will get a notification that a note was added to this budget.

Manage subscribers

Add people to the budget that needs to be notified when something happens on a budget - someone leaves a comment, creates invoices, marks an invoice as sent or paid, etc.

If you need to remove a subscriber from a budget, just hit the x next to a subscriber. That person will no longer receive any notifications on this budget.

Deliver budget

You deliver a budget when all the work is done, all time entries have been entered (once you deliver a budget, no one will be able to track their time on that budget) and you're ready to invoice a client.

Productive will notify you if there are delivered budgets with no invoices yet created to make sure you don't forget to invoice your client for the work that's done.

You can also duplicate budgets and use them as templates. To duplicate a budget click on the edit button and select Duplicate budget

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